A Wellington boot that gets you in the Langham pink 

A Wellington boot that gets you in the Langham pink

IN AUSTRALIA, we love the bush. We also love adventure and we definitely love a colourful life. So when the opportunity arises to pick up something that allows us to glam-up outdoors - especially during winter - we’re going to rug-up and pay attention. Especially if the product is the result of a collaboration between two lifestyle brands Madam Wheels has long admired from the motherland of Britain. And especially if it promises to help keep us “in the pink” of health.

Well, there weren’t really any life-changing wellbeing claims at today’s global launch of the limited-edition Langham Pink version of Hunter’s legendary Original Wellington boot. But you can’t discount the associated lift in mood enjoyed from wearing them, nor the exclusivity factor. 

These boots were created solely, after all, for the luxury Langham Hotel group - a chain favoured by royals and celebrities worldwide over the past 150 years for its sophisticated and gracious hospitality. The Langham’s first grand hotel opened its doors in 1865 and Hunter, similarly, was established in 1856. Its original boot, on which the Langham wellie is modelled, dates back to 1956 and remains an iconic design today.

Madam Wheels has landed a pair of Hunter’s Original for Langham Pink Wellington boots. If you want a pair, too - they also come in childrens’ sizes - you can pick them up for $A295 at Flavours of Langham retail boutiques at eight Langham hotels around the world, including Melbourne and Sydney. Do them justice.