Aston unleashes ‘a rocket ship’ in the Vantage V8

Aston unleashes ‘a rocket ship’ in the Vantage V8

ASTON Martin has its sights set on the female market with its all-new Vantage, the latest weapon from the British sports car marque employed to steal market share in Australia’s luxury car segment.

The striking turbo-charged V8 coupe is already in hot demand after confidential client previews of the vehicle resulted in a slew of early orders.

Madam Wheels joined about eight other motoring journalists to a top-secret viewing of the car just over a month out from its unveiling to the world today.

Speaking at the media preview, Aston Martin’s regional manager for Australia and New Zealand, Kevin Wall, said that the company was confident it would hit ambitious sales targets for the Vantage here and across the pond. It already had “about a whisker under 20 per cent of our next annualised volume covered” following the client previews of the Vantage for about 120 locals. 

“A few years ago, Aston Martin was selling 350-360 cars in Asia-Pacific [excluding mainland China],” Wall said. “Next year [2018] our target will be over 800.”

Wall said he hadn’t before seen the kind of demand he’s seeing for the Vantage with any other Aston model, and suggested that some buyers would have a long wait before their cars arrived. “The factory has already pulled us back on supply for next year,” he said.

The Vantage enters a highly competitive market of V8 powered luxury coupes. It’s expected to become Aston’s top-selling model in Australia, outselling even the popular DB11, which is the grand tourer of the Aston Martin range. We’re talking about very different cars, though, with the Vantage being more a performance-based beast styled with a more athletic line. Its shark-like profile looks particularly aggressive, and the aerodynamically designed side “gills” along the aluminium body give it a clean, minimalist look and feel.

Inside, there’s genuine useable space for a two-door, two-seat sports car with lowered seats providing plenty of head space while riding on full Alcantara leather and surrounded by suede headlining. In the boot, there’s ample capacity for two golf bags, according to Wall.

The Vantage is running with the hash tag “beauty won’t be tamed” and its six optional colour-ways are certainly on the wild side with names like Stealth, True Hunter and Tactical.

“We know who we are chasing [with the Vantage], who it will appeal to,” Wall said. “Not just to existing lovers of the brand but those who have drifted away from others - Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi [owners] won’t be excluded.” How kind.

Women are expected to be a big part of the mix with the Vantage's design brief reading that the car should be “as exciting and engaging as possible without compromising its everyday usability or making it too challenging for drivers of all abilities”.

Wall said the new-generation Vantage would be priced from circa-$300,000 (depending on where our currency sits at the time) when it hits Australian showrooms in July. 

“It’s going to be a rocket ship,” he said.