Beyond-fabulous Bentley bits and pieces

Beyond-fabulous Bentley bits and pieces

IT SEEMS like we’re seeing more and more women behind the wheels of Bentleys these days. Perhaps that’s no surprise when one considers the clever array of accessories the luxury British automaker has been offering to customers.

Madam Wheels spotted this ultra-luxe Bentley Built Baby seat on a Bentley Instagram feed from New Zealand the other day, and she couldn’t resist getting the details and sharing them here.

Finished with the brand’s signature Mulliner quilted leather, mums who’d like their little ones to ride around in style would be up for more than $7600 to add this into the look. Disappointingly, though, the seat is not compliant with Australian standards so you might need to save this one for the holiday in Europe. Or New Zealand.

Something you definitely can option into your Australian Bentley Bentayga, however, is the bespoke Linley Hamper by Mulliner. This three-section addition takes the notion of picnic dining to a whole other level. Along with a chilling compartment for two champagne bottles, four people are catered for with French porcelain crockery, silver cutlery and crystal champagne flutes, all of which can be laid out on the included Mulliner cashmere (of course) picnic rug.

It all sounds positively sumptuous and would surely motivate owners to organise regular offsite dinner parties under the stars. Experiences are the stuff of memories, after all. 

And these memories could be yours if you’re willing to part with $50,000 to have the ability to tuck the hamper into your boot. We know at least one Melbourne Bentley customer has bought one to date. No doubt there’ll be more.