Why we should do more road trips

Why we should do more road trips

ONE thing you can say about Australia is that it spoils us for choice when it comes to road trips. And what better way to really explore the width and diversity of this amazing country than in the cars we love?

Not only does a slow and more-focused trip help familiarise us with our surroundings and culture, it gives drivers a chance to get a true sense of what their vehicles are really capable of in varying conditions and on changing terrain.

Madam Wheels believes road trips are under-appreciated, which is why we’re devoting a section to them here. Among the mix will be route options ranging from the the best one-day drives to destination trips along with the most adventurous and family-friendly routes, as well. Time-poor enthusiasts should check out the Quick Spins - shorter options that will put you through some spectacular scenery in a matter of hours. 

One of our favourites from this latter category was a quick in-and-out experience with McLaren. The 100km “dash” was set up to showcase the British marque’s Super Series 540C and 570S models out of the Yarra Valley wine region, north of Melbourne (though the weather didn’t exactly co-operate).

Keep in mind that Australia is about 60 times the size of England, so there’s a lot of land to explore. Yes, there’s a whopping-great slab of desert in the middle and much of the good stuff is close to the coastline. But there’s plenty of scope to think big and go wide.

The distances can be vast and much thought should be given to amenities on the way. No-one would sensibly attempt to blast across the 4000km from Sydney to Perth in a couple of days, for example. And for sight-seeing-rich trips like the one from Adelaide to Darwin, drivers could easily spend a couple of weeks travelling the scenic 3000km drive, especially if the red centre of Uluru was included in the mix.

The timing of any trip can have a real impact on how enjoyable it ends up being. Some places are simply more pleasant to visit in particular times of the year. You wouldn’t tackle the Territory through the “wet season” (October to April) given its roads can become impassable.

Then, of course, there is the rest of the world. We’ll get into that, too.

Our aim with Road Trips is to encourage you to embrace the union of cars and companionship and - importantly - to challenge drivers and their passengers to switch off their devices and and turn their focus back to the people and places around them. This shouldn’t be negotiable if you want the full experience.

There’s a lot to explore out there, and doing it in your cars will help slow you down so you feel life more fully. 

What better luxury is there these days, really?